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Mackinac Creek Log Furniture is located in the eastern end of the upper peninsula of Michigan in Hessel, a part of the Les Cheneaux Islands.

We are dedicated to building a one-of-a-kind cedar log dog bed that will give you and your pet a life time of beauty and enjoyment. Each bed is handcrafted by our master craftsmen with years of experience in the furniture business. The bark is removed from our northern white cedar then it is dried and sanded to a smooth finish. The mortise and tenon joints are glued and screwed to make a strong bed. Some logs may show signs of cracking which is a normal process when they dry due to shrinkage when moisture leaves the wood. This doesn’t affect the integrity of the bed. Many of the features of the logs such as knots, insect trails and natural textures are incorporated into the bed to maintain that one-of-a-kind log furniture look.

Mackinac Creek Log Furniture
3402 W M-134
Hessel, MI 49745
Phone: (906) 484-6227

Contact Us at sales@logdogbed.com